The following is a short list of Liza's most requested workshops. Please scroll below for the full range of diverse topics Liza has been invited to speak and write about. 

"Social Change and Self-Care Through a Coaching Process" As practitioners, we are often drawn to the field of leadership development because of its close work with activism, leadership, and social change. We have normalized working 16-hour days, close relationships with students, and this “all-or-nothing” approach in the spirit of “doing good work.” Yet, we are well aware of the physical, social, psychological and emotional tolls of avoiding self-care. Join Dr. Talusan in an interactive workshop that explores how to engage in strategic self-care through coaching, a values-based process that aligns our beliefs and behaviors for a more healthy, positive, and care-based life.

“Sometimes it’s a hammer, sometimes it’s a ladder: Overcoming barriers to your own success”. All around us are walls that keep us from living our fullest life. At times, we have created those walls. Other times, people have built the walls around us. Through an engaged coaching process, Liza will walk you through identifying what those blocks are to your success and help you through a process to uncover whether you need a hammer (to break down those walls) or whether you need a ladder (to climb over them). This is a great session for people and communities who may feel in a plateau, stuck or who need an extra boost in their lives!

Exploring Identity: How diversity shows up in our work and in our community. Diversity is who we are. Therefore, we have to take the time to explore the different ways in which diversity is part of our community. Through intergroup dialogue, we will explore the many ways in which diversity - including, but not limited to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability and faith - inform our community identity.  Together, we will learn how to build a multicultural practice, how to engage authentically with people from backgrounds different than your own, and how to best hold space and invite differences.

Identity Conscious Leadership. We all know that being color-conscious is an inclusive approach to leadership. But, what does that really mean? Join Dr. Talusan as we explore how identity - our own and that of others - informs our social interactions, decision making, and behaviors at work and in our personal communities. Learn how to develop cultural awareness in yourself and in others towards the purpose of offering a more inclusive environment.

Facilitating Difficult Conversations: Train-the-Trainer workshops. In this workshop, participants who have a proficient level of experience in this work will learn how to facilitate dialogues rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion. In today's climate, these dialogues are important as we seek to build connections among communities and individuals. Therefore, there is a growing need to prepare facilitators who are both willing to lead difficult conversations and skilled at navigating the emotional experiences related to these topics. This workshop is designed for individuals who are looking to gain more hands-on experience in facilitating dialogues. Through reflective and reflexive activities, participants will better understand their personal connections to issues of identity and learn how to lead dialogues from those experiences.

Bystander Intervention: A Call to Action. When you see something wrong, what do you say to respond? What do you do? What compels us to act when we see situations of injustice? What is our own relationship to bystander intervention? Join us for this workshop as we examine what personally motivates us to engage in situations of injustice and the barriers that keep us from acting.

Sense of Self: Why identity matters at work. In our daily lives, we take on roles that describe what we do: teacher, student, faculty, administrator, director, coordinator. While we can articulate our job descriptions and our responsibilities, we do not often consider how our personal identities -- race, gender, class, ability, faith, sexual orientation -- intersect with our day-to-day tasks. Join Dr. Liza Talusan as we explore the ways in which who we are matters as much as what we do. Learn how identity and responsibility are interwoven and how our commitment to deepening our understanding of ourselves can help move us forward in equity and justice work together.

Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work. One of the benefits of working in a culturally diverse environment is the opportunity to think broadly and consider multiple perspectives. But, organizations rarely consider the systems that must be in place to achieve equity for diverse groups. Join Dr. Liza Talusan as we explore the ways to enhance our personal and work practices and behaviors to create better support the talents and perspectives of diverse communities.

Microaggressions at Work. "They said what?" In diverse environments, we have the opportunity to engage in dialogues that impact people in different ways. Sometimes, those conversations are rewarding and affirming; other times, those conversations can be offensive or off-putting in nature. Join us for this workshop as we explore the different ways that microaggressions -- indirect or subtle acts of discrimination -- show up in our work environment and learn some tools that might help you address them and minimize their occurences.

Liza is also available for custom keynote addresses, workshops, and extended contracts (1-year) related to

  • Life and Leadership Coaching
  • Board and trustee development
  • Senior Leadership meetings
  • Strategic initiatives for diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Skillful facilitation
  • Identity based workshops
  • Career based workshops and exploration
  • Parenting
  • The writing process
  • Graduate school socialization
  • Teaching and education
  • Motivation
  • Asian American issues
  • Cancer and disability
  • Health and body image
  • Hiring and retention practices

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