Photo by Alonso Nichols (2018)

Photo by Alonso Nichols (2018)

Is a Coaching Approach Right for You?

With over 20 years of experience in leadership and practice, Liza Talusan will work with you to set and achieve personal goals; develop more functional plans at work; and identify barriers to shaping a more inclusive, diverse and equitable life and community. 

As a coach focusing on the needs of professionals, Liza helps clients:

  • Take meaningful action to expedite their personal and professional growth
  • Improve and harmoniously combine the various dimensions of their lives
  • Identify and address their personal and professional challenges
  • Define and embrace their goals
  • Realize their potential
  • Develop a strategy for overcoming roadblocks
  • Create a plan for long-term success and growth
  • Enhance their professional performance

LEADERSHIP COACHING: With her background in Human Resources, leadership, administration and organizational behavior, Liza focuses on working with leaders who have been asked to shape more inclusive schools, organizations or communities. We will work together to identify leadership and executive coaching strategies to help you move yourself and your organization through difficult change. We'll address common topics like "imposter syndrome" and "analysis paralysis" and empower you to be a transparent, confident, and transformative leader!

LIFE COACHING: "Smooth seas never make a good sailor." Through life coaching, Liza will work with you to identify areas of your life that feel a bit "rough" but have great potential to help you grow. We'll address common areas such as relationships, fun, finance, parenting/families, career, aging and personal development as you embrace the life you were meant to live. 

INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS: First, schedule your 20-minute complimentary call to see if we are a good match. Next, sign up for your first six sessions. We will set goals every 6-weeks to evaluate our coaching relationship.

PROFESSIONAL AND EXECUTIVE CLIENTS: First, schedule your 20-minute complimentary call to get a sense of what your organization might need and how the coaching approach can move your community forward. Liza works with teams of executives and/or offers leadership development programs that can be implemented in your organization. Engagements are reserved in 12-week cycles. 

SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY CLIENTS: With Liza's extensive background in education and administration, you can benefit from coaching sessions that are rooted in the culture of schools and universities. Education coaching occurs in 6-week cycles and may include a site visit. This model is best for teachers, teacher-leaders, faculty, and staff in educational environments who want to improve and combine various dimensions of their lives. Schedule your 20-minute complimentary call to share your goals and vision for moving forward in education or exploring opportunities outside of education. 

Interested in a complimentary 20-minute session to learn more about how Life and Leadership Coaching can help you set and achieve your goals? Complete the form below to contact Liza for your complimentary session.

 All coaching sessions are done via phone. Evening and weekend appointments available. 



"Coaching with Liza helped me move forward with the action I needed to take with my career. I had come to a standstill, unable to take action and unable to take the leap I very much needed to take. I had all the support I needed from family, friends and colleagues and intellectually I thought I knew what was best for me. Yet I was still frozen with inaction. I needed coaching to challenge my thinking. Liza coached me through this process, helping me articulate my values and use that as a framework to breakdown the roadblocks that I had perceived to be larger than they were or I had placed in my way. Through this process I could also figure out what I wanted and what road I needed to take to get me there. Liza's coaching is invaluable to me and I know I will continue to benefit from her wisdom, care and encouragement." -  GS, Waltham, MA

"I engaged Dr. Liza Talusan for personal coaching, and I can recommend her highly! I wanted to improve my relationship with my aging parent and determine how best to structure work life/balance as a busy professional raising children. Her approach is warm and empathic. She combines an accessible, caring approach with the structure of accountability so that I could measure my progress in concrete ways that I could see and feel in my everyday life. I wasn’t looking for psychotherapy, but I sensed that with some small changes over a relatively short period of time, I could feel better about some important areas of my life. That is exactly what happened. I found that I really enjoyed the personal coaching model for the issues I wanted to tackle. I can’t say enough about how helpful this experience has been for me.  Thank you, Dr. Talusan!" -- Kelly, Newton, MA

"When I recently moved from one job to the next, Liza Talusan provided counsel and direction, which allowed me to navigate the uncertainties of my search with clarity and confidence.  She began each session by providing a context for our discussion: what were my goals; what did I want to accomplish. She focused her energies on my potential, and as a result, not only did the transition occur more smoothly than I could have imagined, but I also found a better job, one that will allow me to take on leadership opportunities.  Thank you, Liza." -- Rick, NY

"Liza's care, thoughtfulness and positivity fill each coaching session. Using her realistic perspective and sense of humor, she makes you feel comfortable while you share your goals. Liza listens deeply, validates one's feelings and encourages you to take action. She celebrates each success, as she motivates you to live a more centered and balanced life." -- Kathleen, Boston, MA

"Leadership Coaching has really helped me come into my own as a leader and recognize the power and ability that have at my institution regardless of having a formal leadership title.  She always makes me feel super comfortable and creates the space to allow me come to my own conclusions.  It's amazing how much she is able to help me without actually giving me any answers but guiding me towards figuring out things for myself.  This also gives me the confidence to know I can achieve any goal I think of when I am with her because I know that is truly coming from myself for myself.  I have been so lucky to have this opportunity with Liza." -- Elyse, Brookline, MA

"Working with Liza in a one-on-one coaching context has been one of the most helpful professional development experiences of my career. Liza graciously offers not only a safe space to explore professional hopes and dreams, but also her expertise, sound advice, and genuine kindness to help envision professional aspirations. She has also helped me to process what professional challenges I face in my current role. With Liza, I engaged in a variety of exercises that give me practical feedback as well as logical next steps for how I might move forward to meet my goals. I always left her office feeling invigorated, committed and well-loved."  -- Katie, Boston, MA

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