The Golf Channel reported

Recently, a commentator on the Golf Channel used the words, "They should lynch him in a back alley" when referring to how younger golfers could beat Tiger Woods. You can see the video clip below.

Tiger has released a statement saying that the commentator's words were a non-issue. While, on one hand, I think it's great that he is a bigger person than to get into a battle here. Yet, the attention should really be focused on what the commentator said and the context of it all. While some are comparing her statement to Don Imus's comments about the women's basketball team, I think this is quite different. Don Imus is known to be a "shock jock" who is well known for saying what he believes - no matter PC or not. We would never expect this to occur on a commentary about golf.....

To throw around the word "lynch" in reference to "how to put someone in his/her place" holds so much political, emotional, and historical power.