Entertaining Comments and policy

Ah! I love commenters. I really do. I love the ones who agree, those who disagree, those who feel like they just need to spew, and those who are looking for some advice. And, while I only have a teeny weeny box that talks about commenting on the right hand side, I figured I'd do a quick post about how I moderate, read, and decide what comments go up onto the actual site.

So, a bit about commenting: They are moderated for a reason. And, contrary to some snarky commenters who think I should have a free-for-all, I'm not the only blog who does it. And, because I'm not the only one who has to moderate a blog, I'm including a link that Latoya Peterson from Racialicious wrote here about the commenting policy on that site.

As this is a blog written in the spirit of learning, sharing, and exploring, I'm only putting through the comments that contribute to the discussion. No, my conspiracy theory friends, I'm not just putting through the comments that AGREE WITH ME. But, the ones that make it through actually contribute to the conversation. So, no, I'm not going to put the simple, "Liza. I think you are racist." (giggle giggle) or "This blog sucks" (uh, then go read something un-sucky!).

There are other folks who, in their comments, have asked that I not post their comment but rather respond to them directly. I'm definitely cool with that - so keep those coming, if you want. The good news is, I have lots of people writing in to ask for feedback. The bad news is, I can't get to them all right away. So, please be patient or email again if it's a really pressing issue that you'd like some input on quickly.

There you have it. Thanks for reading! Thanks especially to the folks who link to To Loosen the Mind, to those who visit often (according to my blog stats), new people just discovering the blog, and to those who are on my own blogroll. While I don't always comment on your sites, I check them frequently and enjoy reading your own journeys in this world!