Hello friends! 

Just taking this opportunity to announce that I have opened up my calendar for organizational clients, particularly focusing on schools and school leadership. I have had the privilege of seeing the power of coaching in transforming the lives of teachers and administrators. Faculty often come to coaching because they love their work but are feeling disengaged or feeling discouraged by the amount of work; the rapid rate of change in schools; or the growing expectations of families and administrators. I have worked with teachers to help them return to a values based lens -- one that drew them to the service of teaching! Faculty share that they feel heard, seen, and encouraged to approach their work in a way that honors their personal lives and their professional passions. 

For administrators, it is vital that we understand how to be culturally responsive and inclusive in our management. However, our formal training has not always prepared us for the role of engagement. Coaching helps administrators better understand how individuals work, act, and respond. And we, in turn, can engage with more positive energy, direction, and vision. 

Check out the coaching packages I will be offering as of July 1st. But, don't wait to sign up! Given that these processes intentionally dive deep into the culture of the school, I am limiting the number of organizations that will have access to this level of coaching. So, reserve your school's spot soon!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out so that we can engage in a collaborative dialogue about the coaching process, the impact on our communities, and the investment that we make in the health of our schools. 


With peace,