Last night was Oscar's night. And, while I usually don't watch it, I was traveling and this seemed to be the best thing on television as I settled in after a long day. I was so happy to see such representation at the Oscars but thrilled to hear people use the platform to advocate for social issues and inclusion. 

Shortly after Jordan Peele won for "Get Out", this photo was circulated of his writing partner, Keegan Michael Key, celebrating Peele's win. 


Right? Like all the feels! I thought, "Everyone should have a friend like Keegan Michael Key who is unabashedly proud, excited and celebratory of your success!" Do we all have this in our lives? Is there someone in your life who you know would jump off the couch, raise their hands high, and yell with excitement over your success? 

I hope so. 

Over the years, I have spent more time finding people to celebrate than to compete with in my life. While competition can be motivating, celebration can be transformative. What does it mean to be among people with the same level of energy -- the energy for life, the energy for opportunity, and the energy for passionate living? How does our energy attract that same/like energy?

As a woman, I have found these spaces to be few and far between. As a woman, I have been in more spaces in which women have competed for the few coveted "top" positions -- as if there was only room for one of us. 

But, over the years, I have found my group, my crew, and my people. I began to intentionally position myself among women who were unafraid of celebrating the success of other women. I found this in my doctoral student cohort (a place notorious for competition); in an incredible program called "Ladies Rock, Boston"; and in my coaching circles. And, as we begin to lift each other up, something incredible happens: we all rise. 

I absolutely attribute my experiences with coaching and through coaching for this outlook. I believe that "we can all win" if we are mindful and intentional about opportunities. 

How do you experience support? What limiting beliefs have kept you from feeling deeply connected to your own success and celebrating the success of others? 

Let's celebrate you!

Stepping into brilliance,