Great Offer from New Demographic

Hi everyone!
I'm a huge fan of New Demographic - and, it certainly doesn't hurt that I'm featured in their latest newsletter ;)
So, check out Carmen VanKerckhove's program. I participated in the first one and certainly got a lot out of it!
Were you one of the over 500 people who signed up for Carmen Van Kerckhove's FREE teleseminar called "The 5 Secrets You Must Know to Implement a Successful Diversity Strategy and Win the Respect of Your Organization"?
If you weren't, there's still time for you to download the audio. Just go here: (But do it soon as you only have a few days before the link is coming down.)
Along with sharing lots of great, actionable tips, Carmen announced the launch of the home study course version of her acclaimed Diversity Career Success training program.
It's designed especially for diversity professionals who are sick of the same old CYA (Cover Your Ass) tactics, and want to create real, lasting change at their organizations.
In this step-by-step course, Carmen shows you how to...

1. Stop shouting from the sidelines and gain access to the corridors of power so that you can create real change.

2. Demonstrate to senior management in specific, measurable terms the ways in which diversity can actually help achieve your organization's business goals.
3. Go beyond boring diversity training sessions and silly cultural celebrations to design a smart, comprehensive diversity strategy that will actually boost your organization's bottom line.
4. Capture the attention of busy senior managers and make them eager to hear your ideas, and even more excited to implement them.
5. Position yourself as the leading in-house diversity expert and gain the respect of your senior management.

If this sounds like something you'd benefit from, be sure to reserve your copy by 5 pm Eastern on Thursday, April 16th because you'll be able to split your tuition for the training program into 2 easy monthly payments of just $199!

Learn more here!

New Demographic Seminar

I'm a big fan of Carmen VanKerckove and her work. I've invited her to my workplace, been active as a contributor and writer to her Anti Racist Parent and Racialicious blogs, (and she has been kind enough to write a great testimonial about me, too!) I HIGHLY recommend this 5 part seminar called Diversity Career Success Class.  Last week, she offered a free teleseminar which some of the folks at my workplace called into and listened - they all had really positive feedback about it.

In case any of my readers want to jump on board, here is the link to her 5 part. There is a cost to it, but you also get 4 CDs of Addicted to Race PREMIUM which has interviews with some of the heavy hitters of anti-racism work.


Hope you can do it!

New Demographic Offering

Carmen VanKerckhove, brilliant speaker, writer, and President of New Demographic, is offering a free teleseminar on Wednesday. Definitely check it out! She is the amazing woman who started Racialicious! and Anti-Racist Parent -- two blogs that I visit nearly every single day. Here is the information for the free teleseminar:

If your organization is anything like the ones I’ve worked with over the past five years, it’s dealing with a serious case of diversity fatigue.

You probably hear groans of exasperation every time a diversity training session is announced. Your boss, who claims to be so committed to advancing diversity, has somehow managed to skip every single diversity council meeting this year. Your organization’s big diversity event of the year is so old-school and irrelevant (ethnic food potluck, anyone?) that it has become the laughing stock of the staff.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Deep down inside, you know there’s a better way to “do” diversity in 2009. You know the old approach is broken. You know that if your organization truly wants to recruit and retain top talent of color, it needs to overhaul the way it thinks about race and diversity.

But exactly which changes should your organization make? And what can you do personally to help?

Good news: I’m ready to share with you exactly what you need to know on this free first-time teleseminar happening on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 5:00 pm Eastern…

“The 3 Biggest Diversity Blunders Your Organization Could Be Making Right Now (And How to Avoid Them)”

Sign up to reserve your line for this FREE call today!

On this 60-minute call, you’ll learn:

  • Why your colleagues are right to scoff at diversity training — it actually doesn’t work! I’ll show you why not, and let you know what does work instead.
  • Why your organization’s executives should never proclaim that they’re colorblind and that they “just don’t notice race,” unless they want to offend a lot of their employees.
  • The one thing your organization must avoid at all costs unless you want its diversity efforts to fail spectacularly.

You know by now that I’m not going to waste your time by giving you fluff information.

This free call is chock-full of specific information that will show you exactly why your organization hasn’t become the leader in diversity it wants to be. Then, I’ll give you the resources to change that around so that you can help your organization gain a crucial competitive edge by recruiting and retaining top diverse talent.

No matter what your current situation is, I guarantee you’ll get at least one golden nugget during this never-before-offered call. Remember, it’s FREE - a new year’s gift from me.

Limited lines are available for this call, so you’ll want to make sure you reserve your spot right away.

Reserve your line for this FREE teleseminar now!